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Avatar 2: Sigourney Weaver will present


Sigourney Weaver shows now that James Cameron told her that she will appear in the cast of "Avatar 2".

How is that possible?SPOILER Warning: since we have seen that Grace (his character in "Avatar") dies at the end of the film?"It is perhaps not dead," says Weaver, "maybe she's just in the tree."

"I'm not allowed to say anything," says the actress, "but [Cameron] has certainly written several notes last year for which direction to take on 'Avatar 2'.I think he really wants to keep [the same cast] as much as possible."

Weaver then admits that "it would be weird to [play another character that Grace], but it is not clear whether Grace might be able to return in another form."

"Avatar: Special Edition" was released on 1 September in cinemas with 3D 9 minutes unpublished.But the film by James Cameron will be available on the collectors DVD and Blu-ray on sale in November in an even longer, with a total of 16 minutes longer than the original theatrical version.


News of 1 September 2010

A longer version of a longer version?We had never seen it!Director James Cameron announced that the Collector's Edition DVD and Blu-ray's Avatar propose new unseen footage.This "alternate reality version of" lengthen by nearly 16 minutes the original film, including the 9 minutes of unseen footage shown in the special edition!However, still no Blu-ray 3D on the horizon ...The collector's DVD and Blu-ray will be available in November and Avatar: Special Edition will be visible on September 1 (excluding previews) in 3D and IMAX 3D theaters.

News of August 27, 2010

Avatar 2: not before 2014?
Apparently, Avatar 2 without departing before 2014.The reason?James Cameron is trying to concoct another film.

The rich universe of Avatar has left the door open all the windows, or rather should I say to all suites.Announced in the wake of the relentless success of the latest achievement made in James Cameron, Avatar 2 will take us into the deep water of Pandora, at least, if we stick to the first rumors.But basically planned for 2012/2013, it has just been pushed back to Greek calenders, more precisely to around 2014.The reason for this delay is however very simple ...
James Cameron's Avatar, Zoe Saldana
Thus, James Cameron told KTLA 5 Morning News that he would take his time.Indeed, the filmmaker would have written a mysterious script to stage before Avatar 2 (and necessarily Avatar 3)."Right now, we think to episode 2 and 3 together," he quips on his beloved saga, adding "They will come out separately, one year apart, maybe two, but they will be in the pack.Currently, I set about the story."

Meanwhile in 2014, you can always wait with the re-release of Avatar, enhanced with additional eight minutes, on September 1.


News of August 24, 2010

Avatar in figures

This film is one of the most expensive in the history of cinema, according to The New York Times, the budget of Avatar would be $ 460 million U.S. dollars (including 145 in advertising budget), but his dazzling public successallowed him to profit after only ten days of operation, and then to collect more than 2.7 billion U.S. dollars of revenue (recorded April 13, 2010): the film is how the fifth film to pass the symbolicbillion in revenue and the first film to reach 2 billion.It becomes, after only six weeks of operation, the biggest hit of film history, beating Titanic ($ 1.84 billion), also directed by James Cameron.Before this phenomenal success, quickly announced that Cameron is already planned trilogy.


Avatar 2: Sigourney Weaver will present   Sigourney Weaver shows now that James Cameron told her that she will appear in the cast of "Avatar 2". How is that possible?SPO